Feb. 18, 2019

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Name Position Email
Debbie Goodfellow Junior Coordinator junior@hornetslacrosse.com


Division Information:


Cardinals Head Coach:    Ralph Gubler -- GublerR@superiorpropane.com

The Junior Program is administered by the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse League ("RMLL") - RMLL WEBSITE




  1. JUNIOR PLAYERS:     When players reach Junior, they move from "minor" lacrosse to "major"" lacrosse. 2
  2. PLAYER AGES:  17 to 21 years old as of December 31 in the current playing season
  3. FIRST PLAYING RIGHTS:    Each Jr. Ladies team has the rights to the players who played in their respective Minor Association, except where a second year Midget player was given an annual release by their Minor Club to play Midget in another Club, as their playing rights for Junior Ladies belong to their Home Club (the Club where they registered for Minor Lacrosse as per their place of residence and Minor Club boundaries.)  If you have any questions about this please contact the Junior Ladies Commissioner.


Junior Ladies Commissioner:  Tammy Machado -- abladieslaxcomish@gmail.com


Boundaries for the Junior Ladies differ from the Minor Program.


Calgary Axemen:   The Axemen Jr. Ladies team has the first playing rights to the Graduating Midgets from the Calgary Axemen Minor Lacrosse Association.

Calgary Cardinals:  The Cardinals Jr. Ladies team has the first playing rights to the Graduating Midgets from the Calgary Hornets Lacrosse Association.

Rockyview Silvertips:  The Rockyview Silvertips Jr. Ladies team has the first playing rights to the Graduating Midgets from the Rockyview Rage Minor Lacrosse Association, the Calgary Knights Minor Lacrosse Association, and the Strathmore Venom Minor Lacrosse Association.

Okotoks Raiders:  The Okotoks Raiders Jr. Ladies team has the first playing rights to the Graduating Midgets from the Okotoks Raiders Minor Lacrosse Association and the High River Heat Minor Lacrosse Association.

Sherwood Park Titans:  Est of the City of Edmonton.  East Side of Range Road 234 and as far South as Township Road 510, North Side of Township Road 510.  To highway 14 then North Side of highway 14 east.  North boundary is East of the City of Edmonton up to highway 16 then the North Side of highway 15 to the North Saskatchewan River then the East Side of the river to the South Side of Township Road 542 to Range Road 224, East Side of Range Road 224 to Township Road 544.  South Side of Township Road 544 to Range Road 220/215 East Side of Range Road 220/215 North to highway 15.  South Side of highway 15 to highway 855, East Side of highway 855 head North.

Drillers:   West of the City of Edmonton, North of highway 627 to highway 759.  Then North of Township Road 514.  North of the City of Edmonton to the West Side of the North Saskatchewan River.  From the river to the North Side of Township Road 542 to Range Road 224.  West side of Range Road 224 to Township Road 544.  North Side of Township Road 544 to Range Road 220/215/  West Side of Range road 220/215 north to highway 15.  North side of highway 15 to Highway 8555, then west side of highway 855 heading North.

Capital Region Saints:  City of Edmonton proper.  East boundary is west side of Range Road 234, and south side of Township road 510 until Highway 14, then South side of Highway 14.  To the West, South of highway  627 to Highway 759 then South of township road 514.

Free Agents - Players residing outside of the above boundaries are considered Free Agents and may register with the Club/Team of their choice.  Again if you have any questions, please contact the Jr. Ladies Commissioner -- Tammy Machado at abladieslaxcomish@gmail.com.


Out of Province Players:  Must have an approved CLA Transfer before registering with an Alberta Club/Team.


RMLL Jr. Ladies Ongoing Player Rights:  


  1. When a player is released by a Club/Team and becomes a Member with a new Club/Team, the player is now the property of the new Club/Team.  The player is no longer the property of the old Club/Team.  For example, if a player is released in 2017 by the Axemen Jr. Ladies team and became a Member (on the roster) of the 2017 Cardinals Jr. Ladies team, then that player is now a Member of the Cardinals.  The Axemen has no claim over that player.
  2. When the player registers for the upcoming Season, the player registered with the Club of the Team who the player was a Member of (on the roster) in the Season prior.
  3. If a Club previously without a Jr. Ladies team creates a Jr. Ladies team the following Season, then a player who left the Club has the option of continuing to play for their current team, or going back to play on the new Team formed by their old Club.



2019 Registration Fees - $750.00




All players intending to play in 2019 MUST register with the RMLL and paying the ALA/RMLL Fee ($55.25).  The player can then register with the Cardinals.  Players cannot attend any floor times until such time as they have registered their intent to play with the RMLL and also registered with the Cardinals.




ALA - Drug and Alcohol Policy



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