Each family is required to sign up for 100 points per player (6-8 hours of volunteering, approx. depending on division)) up to a family maximum of 200 points - between 14-16 ours of volunteering). Each volunteer job is given a value, so you may have to sign up for more than 1 per child. If you sign up as a coach, manager for instance, then that would take care of your volunteering for two players as this position is worth 200 points.

If you do not wish to participate or are unable to volunteer, then you can pay the ‘non-volunteer fee‘ which is the early or late registration fee plus $200 - the system will automatically add this fee to your payment. If registration fees are paid by credit card, no cheques are required. If you pay by debit card, you must submit the jersey and volunteer deposit cheques. If the volunteering is not complete or if the jersey is not returned or is damaged, then the $200.00 (volunteer) or $100.00 (jersey) amount will be put through on your credit card (or in some cases where a cheque is provided, will be cashed).

The following is a list of volunteer positions and a brief description of what each one entails

BOARD OF DIRECTORS:   (200 Points - 2 year terms) - CLICK HERE


Vice-President (2)
Treasurer Liaison
Evaluation Director
Coach Director 
Equipment Director
Discipline Director (referee experience helpful, but not mandatory)
Director of Division Coordinators



Equipment Volunteers (4) (100 points)

Helps Equipment Director, Jersey and Goalie Gear Coordinators with distribution of 
equipment at the start of the season and helps with pick up and organizing of storage 
units for the following year. Must help at distribution and return in order for
volunteering to be completed.

Evaluation Volunteers:   Families that sign-up to work at evaluations MUST complete their volunteer hours during evaluations. If the full hours to complete the evaluation volunteering is not fulfilled, the volunteering payment will be required. VOLUNTEERS CANNOT MOVE DOWN TO TEAM JOBS IF THEY SIGNED UP FOR PRE-SEASON EVALUATION VOLUNTEERING. 

Evaluations - Check-in and pinnie distribution volunteers (100 points)
Evaluations - Door Opener during scrimmages (100 points)
Evaluations - On-floor drill leaders (100 points)

Evaluators (200 points - Novice to Midget): Attend all evaluations as required and must have knowledge of the game (10-12 hour commitment)
Evaluators (Mini-tyke and Tyke - coaches or Bantam/Midget Players will be used)


Head Coach - 200 points; Run the team in practices and at games. Responsible for team and player development. Must have current coach certification and take appropriate courses.

Assistant Coach - 200 points; Assist coach at practices and on bench during games (gates). Must have current certification and take appropriate course;

Manager - 200 points; Manager team (report to Executive Director)

Team Volunteer Coordinator - 200 points; Keeps track of volunteering for each member on team (report to Executive Director)

Trainer - 200 points - Take course (Hornets will pay for course). Attend at games and practices. If you are a nurse, fireman, paramedic, doctor etc. then you you qualify to be a trainer on the bench.

Team Jobs: (100 points) any or all of the following depending on division (min. 6 hour commitment - depending on division)

Scorekeeper, Timekeeper, Shot Clock;
Equipment Volunteer;
Social Organizer;
Tournament Organizer; 
Team Photo Person; 
Female Chaperone. 

Photo Distribution Volunteer (100 points)

Sets Schedule for teams to pick-up team photos (2 - 3 dates)
Follows up with teams where necessary and liaison with Executive Director

50/50 Roughneck Seller (100 points)
For Peewee-Midget levels. One 5-6 hour session to sell 50/50 tickets at the Roughneck. Information will be e-mailed to volunteers prior to date regarding duties etc.

Casino Volunteers (either Hornets or CDLA) (200 points) - Attendance at the Casino for one shift.  If you are marked as a back-up volunteer and are not required, then the volunteer will need to move to team jobs.


All players will provide a cheque for $200.00 for a volunteering deposit and a $100.00 cheque for a jersey deposit.

Volunteers are necessary at this level and the positions required are as follows:

Head Coach
Assistant Coach
Volunteer Coordinator
Shot Clock
Team Jobs ie: obtaining bus for road trips, etc.

Anyone who does not volunteer or does not return their jersey, will have their cheque(s) cashed (if provided) or in the case of the registration fees being paid by credit card the volunteer fee or jersey fee will be put through on your credit card on file. 


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